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No more worry of transporting your dog to and from the groomer, let us come to you instead!

The Woofy Wagon offers Full Service Grooming at Your Door, with our fully contained mobile dog grooming van.

The Woofy Wagon van has been designed to offer much comfort and safety for your dog. It is equipped with its own generator, complete hot water system, powerful air-conditioner and a heater.

Its large windows allow for extra light and allow your dog to see his/her comfortable surroundings. Our overhead lighting, and white interior finish provide a bright environment for our precision grooming.

Our custom designed hydraulic grooming table is adjustable to various heights. It is able to swing from the wall over to the bath tub, and is also able to rotate 360 degrees. These added features allow us to be more precise with our grooming.

Our storage areas allow us to carry all of our various grooming and bathing supplies needed to suit your individual dog's needs.

So why not pamper yourself with some extra time,
while we pamper your pet with our full service grooming!


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