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Dog Benefits    

Faster - Your dog will be groomed within a relatively short period of time.

One on One Attention - Your dog will receive one on one attention from a certified groomer.

Less Distractions/Stress - There are no other dogs around which may intimidate or upset your dog. No other barking dogs. No other owners walking in and out of the shop.

Familiar Surroundings - Your dog is able to look out of our van windows while being groomed allowing him/her to see his/her comfortable surroundings.

Safe - No worry of transporting your dog to and from the groomer. No worry of any interaction with other dogs which may be vicious or carrying a disease.

Air-conditioned / Heated - For Comfort, our mobile van is fully air-conditioned in the summer, and heated in the winter.

Hand Blow Drying - Your dog will be dried by hand by a certifed groomer.

Loving Care - All of our dogs are treated with the utmost loving care.


Human Benefits

Convenience - No more inconvenience of dropping off and picking up your dog.

Appointments - Appointments are made so that you can plan your day and know when your dog will be ready.

Less Stress - Less stress for your dog means less stress for you. Reduce the possibility of negative side affects such as those brought on by separation anxiety.

Do you usually bathe & groom your own dog? Here’s some advantages to letting us help.

No Mess - no bath to clean, drains to unplug, hair to vacuum, towels to wash or floor to clean.

No Back Aches - No back aches from bending over trying to wash and groom your dog.

Save Time - Let us pamper your pet while you carry on with your other daily commitments.


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